Front Row, Center…

img_6465After our Lord did a wash job on the air with a weekend of rain in the valley and snow on the mountains, He had us well set for another dazzling sunrise over the Sumpter Valley.  I tried to capture it with my otherwise adequate lens but if there is a camera that can really come close to doing justice to our Creator’s paintbrush, I can’t afford it.  And I really doubt that there is such an instrument built by man.  The Creator’s vast array of colors accentuated with just the proper amount of blackness, the subtitles of the hues and variation of intensities of brilliance can only be captured by the camera He built into the visual apparatus with which we are endowed. Our own eyes.

Not just eyes-  but eyes to really see. 
“Blessed are the eyes that see what you see…” Jesus told His disciples -and us. Many saw Him and saw His miracles but failed to see Him as the Messiah.

The cattle on the ranch here have eyes and can see when that coyote circled the herd. They can see that the grass is greener across the fence.  Yet even when they look up and behold the glorious sunrise, their nose quickly returns to the ground to satisfy their appetite.

And even an audio/video recorder could capture only a tiny lens full of the vast panorama of creation. And not the screech of the hawk as it calls out to it’s mate to join it in greeting this day.  Nor could it capture the warmth of the smell of wood smoke from a nearby chimney.

But God has given me front row, center seat on the porch of the bunkhouse on the Rock Bottom Ranch!


3 thoughts on “Front Row, Center…

  1. Hi Dun. That reminds me of our time at Jungle Camp. I had my camera with me and was talking with a couple of the guys when this colorful woodpecker flew up and was evidently surprised by us. It spread out it’s wings to stop its forward progress and for a moment the sun filtered through the forest illuminated all the colors of its magnificent plumage. I was so fixated by the sight that I didn’t even think of bringing the camera into action.

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