The Wit and Wisdom of Grannie Lindsay -4

Just don’t let Him In

Grannie Lindsay’s chair was sitting in the corner of her living room with a big window on her right and a clear view out the two big windows on the front. In the opposite corner was her front door, one of those old fashioned ones with the top half glass and the bottom wood. There was just a lacy sheer curtain that let in the light and she could easily see thru when looking out. But anyone’s view from the outside, approaching across the porch would not be able to get a good look inside.  The first step up onto that old wooden porch with its squeak and creak was better than a doorbell or a burglar alarm. You couldn’t get to her doorbell before Grannie already knew you were there. And with all the windows, she knew who was coming.

“You see that front door, Dun? And those nice big windows?”  Nothing could get past her attention that happened anywhere out front or on the side that Grannie didn’t observe from her favorite chair. It was in that spot that she sat a lot of her later years to read and work her crossword puzzles. And to write notes to us young’uns and occasionally a bit of poetry. I was on the end of the couch closest to her.

“I really like having it just this way. It lets me practice Ephesians 4:27. That says ‘Resist the Devil and he will flee from you’. And the best way to resist him is to ignore him!” It’s like looking out that window and seeing someone coming that I don’t want to waste time with. I just don’t go to the door when they ring my bell.” There was that cute way she wrinkled her nose and let the sparkle show in her eyes.

“You learn to be that way, Dun,” she admonished. “Never give a place to that ole’ Devil,” her translation of Ephesians 4:27.

I learned some good theology at the feet of my dear Grannie!