April 26, 2015Real DaughterCircuit Ridin Preacher with Mrs. Iris Lee Jordan whose Father was a Confederate Soldier.

Commander & Chaplain

Commander Scott Gilbert with The Circuit Ridin Preacher, Chaplain of General Lafayette Laws Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans

musket salute

Musket volley salute at Fayetteville Cemetery where many Confederate soldiers are buried.


  1. Hey, Dunn, this is a great post!! We’re finishing up the 3 week “practicum” here @ Siloe ( NTM training center), near Chihuahua. Crystal Pierce said that she had invited you to do this, but you couldn’t do it @ that time…. She is over here now, as the staff & students are giving us a farewell party @ 6:30. She said to tell you that you missed out on a lot of fun! Well, John & Marion Tibberts, Ron & I have been soooo blessed being with the 5 students; we have learned so much from them. SWEET folks! The newly married couple, Vicenta & Rendi are tribal people ( 2 different tribes; they met @ the Bible school, Chihuahua.. Extremely sharp!! Vicente has already helped do translation!

    Melody Tibberts Cano said she saw on Facebook something about your going to Billy J. Barron’s “homegoing service”… We talked with Margaret while B was in the hospital following heart surgery, but hadn’t heard anything since. Well, guess he’s walking those golden streets now!

    Give your sweet Eleanor our love. Wish we could see you…

    Love & prayers,

    Shirley & for Ron

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