IMG_4700I have a couple of books on my my mind this morning. One is by a dedicated missionary who served faithfully and fruitfully in China and Manchuria thru wars, famine, pestilence and the death of 5 children. I just re-read her little autobiographical book for the 2nd or 3rd time… How I Know God Answers Prayer is the moving story of determined dedication to duty and patient persistent patience in persecution – Rosalind Goforth.
The other Book is The Book – or at least one of my copies of The Book. It is an old, raged hardback copy with that well-known symbol in the lower right hand corner “Placed by the Gideons”. We had one of their men speak in our church this past Lord’s Day and I shared with him about my favorite “Gideon Bible”. Though they do not like us to call it that. It a copy of the Bible placed by the Gideons.
But the copy that is on my desk has a handwritten inscription:
“Mrs. Gordy’s Room, March, 1941. Tillinghurst School, Muscogee County School Dist.”
And on that page is a photo of me from 1985 with Mr. & Mrs. J. M. Hargett, the Gideon who placed that Bible in 1941. When he replaced it with a new one he says he kept this one to himself, determined to save it and present it to me when I started preaching. He told me “I knew that you were going to be a preacher and I wanted you to have it.” He was the long-time Sunday School Superintendent in our Wynnton Baptist Church and I had just finished the first grade.
How did he know I was going to become a preacher of The Word? He testified as did many of the folks in Wynnton Baptist that every prayer my Grandmother prayed she always inserted or added “and please Lord, make Dun a preacher.”
My only regret is that she did not ask that for all of her Grandsons!