Bull riding


Well, that’s what they used to call those fearless fighting men of the Rodeo arena. Lately they have been more accurately identified with a title befitting their guts and grit.  We call them Bull Fighters!

Though they dress in a gaudy get-up and paint their faces, they are anything but clowns. Those men are daring and audacious in their chosen profession. Most of them started out by climbing on the back of 2,000 pounds of bad attitude themselves. They straddle a leather rocket, strap themselves on and nod to the gatekeeper to set  the bull at liberty to attempt their assassination.  If they can survive 8 seconds of terror and torture, they just might get a paycheck.  But the winning ride is just the beginning.  Now they have to part company with that potential killer and live to collect their pay.

And all through those 8 seconds, it is the bull fighter who is dancing around the ferocious fight close enough to get himself killed yet laying his own life on the line to save the rider.  I’ve watched as a rider, tangled in his bull rope had to be cut loose from the bull.  How would you like to grab a bad, bouncing bucking bull with an open pocket knife in your hand?

Now that’s a MAN!  And he’s worthy to be called a hero in my book.  I hope you will watch the little video clip on my Facebook page and see Frank Newsome come between a cowboy and a bull named Comfortably Numb.  I don’t know what you see there but I couldn’t help but notice how Frank stayed with his job until the bull literally threw him out of the fight!

As soon as I saw that I thought of Bull Boss. . . you remember Paul’s Battle Buddy, Archippus, from my previous post?  “…Take heed to the ministry which thou hast received in the Lord, that thou fulfill it.”  (Colossians 4:17)

We preachers and missionaries need to be encouraged and urged not only to do a good job – but to keep at it until we finish.