IMG_1093DUN still roamin’ but certainly not DONE roaming!

“Are you still in Oregon?” a friend emailed me.  I had not planned to stay here in the Northwest this long.  In fact, I didn’t bring any winter clothes and it has been 32 degrees here on the porch of the bunkhouse several mornings this week.  (Thank you, Lord, for the good Salvation Army thrift store).

In answer to many folks praying with me and for me, our Lord has continued to move His people to invite me to their church.  And my precious Eleanor, has encouraged me to “stay there as long as the Lord wants to use you there.”  And then she has added the encouragement “Don’t you leave there until you finish writing that book!”

Two books are finished.  By God’s grace I have been able to complete what I hope will be the final revision of two books of missionary messages.  Now I must get them to a publisher.  My goal is to do that before my last meeting here at the beginning of October.  I would appreciate your prayers for that project.  I have not finished the book on the life of Harriet but I have put that on hold for now.

I was able to sell the larger camper that I had labeled “Dun Roamin‘” and need to replace it with a smaller one.  I guess I’ll have to label “Dun Still Roamin‘”.  I am not DONE traveling in ministry.  So I am asking our Lord for an 18′ or 20′ camper that I can pull back to Georgia.  I have a vision of enlarging the itinerary ministry of the Circuit Ridin’ Preacher and believe that a small camper will be most useful in that endeavor.

Eleanor is faithfully filling her ministry of substitute teacher in her Sunday School class.  Her regular teacher is recovering from a stroke.  She would appreciate you praying for her.

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  1. Hi Dun,

    How are you doing? It is always good to hear form you and what all you are up to.

    I was glad to see that these two books on missionary messages are nearly finished. Please put us down for a copy of each.

    Karyn & I continue to pray for you and trust that you will be able to return to Eleanor soon and find a new level of love and understanding. We are also praying for your relationship with Julie, please let us know if you have seen any progress in that.

    Life is busy here, we have more staff and many new opportunities and challenges this fall. Family-wise things are great. Our Melissa is getting married on November 8 to a fine young man from a local church. And Kristy will be traveling with me on my next trip overseas, so I am looking forward to that.

    Be sure of our love and prayers.

    All for now,


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  2. A gal at our church (Susie Smith) was just telling me yesterday they had one of their little trailers for sale. Let me call and see how big and how much. Maybe we will get you over here one way or another! Brenda 🙂

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