IMG_3478 Here lies Lefty, as stiff as can be,
He’s deader’n these rocks all around, you see
He tried to rob our Sumpter train,
He didn’t get our gold and we didn’t get his name.
Since his left-handed gun was just too slow,
More about Lefty we’ll never know.
We hanged him high on that Cottonwood tree,
And buried him shallow so’s you’d plainly see:
Crime don’t pay, at least at least in these parts
It’ll be a noose for your neck or a slug in your heart.
So if it’s trouble you want, you better mosey on thru
Or we’ll have a necktie party just for you!
                                                            ©2014 Dun Gordy

One thought on “LEFTY’S LONELY GRAVE

  1. It reminded me of the well known grave epitaph:

    Here lies Lester Moore
    four slugs from a .44
    no Les
    no more

    Have a blessed day.


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