Neither are Sons-in-Law.kelly-280x220

The ole’ fellow who used to advertise his Auto Tire business on TV was not quite as much a ‘redneck’ as he seemed to want to portray himself.  And I don’t think he was as old as he looked.  But he has “re-tared” now and I miss his commercials.  He always ended by reminding folks that “Tires are not pretty” – but he pronounced it so us real rednecks could understand.

I don’t know why I thought of him this morning as I was thanking God for my two sons-in-law.  Lord knows “they ain’t purty neither”.  But I couldn’t ask for better fathers for my GRANDkids than Joe Girello and Franz Martens.  I knew when Julie and Kristie picked them out that they were not good enough for my girls. And if they thought the two were good-looking, time and nature have really eroded that.

But time has also proven that these two men are great fathers to my precious GRANDkids.  Thank you, Lord for Joe and Franz!  And thank you men for loving your wives and your children!