Dun in Navy

They take babies into the Army these days!

That was what I thought as I said goodbye to my 17 year old GRANDson Jacob last week.  He left today with his US Army National Guard unit for Basic Training in Ft. Leonard Wood, MO.

But as I prayed for him this morning, the Lord reminded me that 57 years ago this month, I ‘shipped out’ with my US Naval Reserve unit for Boot Camp training in Bainbridge, MD.  I was 17 years old!

Mother sent the Navy a baby in 1957.  And after boot camp and a cruise aboard the USS Bowers that summer, the Navy sent her back a man.  Of course, we thought we were men before bootcamp. But our Drill Instructor was able to correct our thinking before the first week was completed.  He and his henchmen were able to peel off the ‘baby fat’ and reshape what was left into a man -proficient as either a swabbie with a mop or a gunner with a 20mm anti-aircraft gun.

God is not the only One performing miracles today.  He can still make a fruitful father out of a man that the bottle has made into a bum.  And the United States military can still take babies and make them into fighting men, ready, willing and able to defend our nation!

God bless the USA.  And God bless some drill instructors in Ft. Leonard Wood!

I’m sure looking forward to meet the man that the United States Army sends us back from Missouri.

One thought on “BABIES IN UNIFORMS

  1. Very eloquent, Dun. Nice read.

    Thank you for your service, and we appreciate your GRANDson’s service, too.


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