How’s This For “Multi-generational”?

IMG_2801We Southern Baptist are about as traditional as our Lutheran and Catholic friends are liturgical.  But in a slightly different way.  One of those traditions we have held dear for more generations than I have been a member, is the “graded Sunday School”. We offer different classes for every age and each sex.

I was born in a unisex class.   Actually, I started attending Sunday School in a “married ladies'” class.  Didn’t’ realize it at the time since Mother didn’t deliver me for 9 months. I was then promoted to the Cradle Roll and finally the nursery.

They herded us together with the girls until we were old enough to know that girls have ‘cooties’ and smell sissy. From that day on we have been separated into boys and girls, men’s and ladies’ classes. This promises to persist  until the rapture and  as long as we are able to hobble or roll our chairs into separate senior saint’s classes.  We are not trusted to study the Bible with  our wives.  They have their own class.

And sure enough, when I attempted to attend the Bible Study portion of the morning ceremonies with my bride, I was informed that I could not integrate the “Senior Ladies’ class.”  I could sit with my wife in ‘big church’ but not in Sunday School.  So after a couple of Sundays with some ancient old geezers (many of whom were chronologically younger than me), I wandered down the hall and found a Sunday School class that fit my age level.  “Multigenerational”, the sign said.

How is this for an age spread?   75 year old cowboy and 1 year old sweetheart- in the same Sunday School Class with many male and female students between our ages.

Thank God for Marty Harbin and Bible teaching that meets the needs of all of us!  And thank God for First Baptist Church of Fayetteville who will trust us to learn together.