Long shadows have blended into the solid dimness that will soon give way to darkness.  Night bugs are tuning up for their circadian serenade and occasionally an old bullfrog utters his welcome to the refreshing coolness.  My nearest neighbor has just bored his way into his nest, high in the sweetgum tree. He’ll be snuggling up, wrapped in his bushy tail and ready for a long night of rest and dreams of sweet acorns for breakfast.

I did not hear old Thomas Gray’s curfew tolling the knell of this hot spring day nor see any herd or a ploughman plodding their weary way. Bogey, our neighborhood golden retriever did just come by on one of his rounds to check on me.  His old bones, like mine, have him slower and some of the spring in his step has deserted him, as well. But he does not use that as an excuse not to keep a check on what’s happening and who is out and about.

I know the feeling Mr. Gray poetically described when the sun “leaves the world to darkness and to me.”  And I do not wonder why it was in this ‘cool of the day’ that our Lord chose to come and walk with Adam and Eve in their garden of perfection.

Indeed, to have the Creator of this beautiful earth come for a late afternoon visit is the only improvement that could be made on a day like this – or any day.  And I do not take if for granted when He chooses to come walk and talk with me.  It is a blessing afforded by His grace and thru His sacrifice of His own Son.

And this privilege is not limited to the coolness of the day.  We are invited into His very throne room at any time of the day or night.  He is always ready for my fellowship.  So why is this late evening and early morning significant?

Maybe it is because I have stopped, taken the time to listen, to feel His nearness.  Perhaps it is because I have finally paused to give my attention to Him Who is always attentive to me.



  1. Good afternoon, Dun.. What a gift of writing you have! Thanks so much for sharing with us. Wish you two lived next door to us. Please give Eleanor a hug for me.


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