That ACTS 15:36 Urge


I do not know how many times the “Acts 15:36” urge has come to me in the past few years.  Enough that it no longer comes as an unidentifiable restlessness.  I can fully understand what motivated Paul when he “said unto Barnabas, Let us go again and visit our brethren in every city where we have preached the word of the Lord, and see how they do.”

I am under no illusion that I would ever be able to visit in every church where I have had the blessed privilege of preaching.  I would have to have another 42 years and lots more energy than seems to go along with my propensity to accumulate birthdays.  But the desire is there. I would love to check in with Peter Bennett in Tasmania and Ray & Else Cousins in New South Wales; with the Matsuda’s’ and Alexander’s in British Columbia; Hank and Margaret in Ontario; Charles and Heather in Senegal; with the saints in Paraguay and Bolivia, Colombia and Mexico. Most of those re-connections will have to wait until we all have our resurrection bodies.

And these of course are only a few of the many who come to my mind when I pray around the world.  I hate to start listing all of the names because of the limited space here, but I suspect you know what I mean.  And if you have an itinerant ministry or if you are a missionary with lots of family, supporters and loved ones around the world, you surely understand.

I find it will be all but impossible even to visit all those here in the USA. But I’m going to make an attempt at seeing as many as I can this summer. Eleanor and I have 5 GRANDkids graduations this summer so she will stay in Georgia for my first leg of travel and then meet me in Oregon later in the summer and we will drive together the rest of the trip.

I sure need your help in prayer for WISDOM in planning the itinerary! And then pray for the additional funds that we’ll need for this ministry journey of a life-time!


2 thoughts on “That ACTS 15:36 Urge

  1. Me thinks Paul’s territory was a bit smaller than yours – however that probably is not a consolation. It is wonderful to know tho that God used you in so many places. Wow when you stop and think of it, it is such a blessing. Pray your itinerary will work out for both of you – maybe you can meet in the middle, somewhere.

  2. Hi Dun and Eleanor, Just want to let you know that Rob and Debbie MacDonald were leaning over my shoulder as I read your post about getting the ‘urge’ to visit people! They always stay with us when they are visiting in the area. We would love to see you folks sometime, too, but it’s a sure thing that it would have to be toatlly orchestrated by the LORD. Blessings on you both! Ginny-Lou Alexander

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