It has been a long and exhausting, but I pray profitable week in the service of the King of Kings. I had both the upper GI and lower GI series. Down my throat and up -well, up from the other end.

Before the ‘procedure’ for the pancreas biopsy on Tuesday, Dr. Shah again explained what he was going to do and how. Then he asked me if I had any questions.  Of course I said “yes”.  And while on that surgery table I told him that I was as ready for this as I was to die.  I’m not afraid of Heaven!  “Are you ready for death?”

I think it took him by surprise but he gave me a wide open door to share the good news of the Gospel.  He listened with interest and thanked me for telling him.

The anesthesiologist then delivered me from consciousness but while drifting out, I was consciously and earnestly praying for Dr. Shah’s salvation.

He found a cyst on my pancreas instead of a (potentially) cancerous mass.  He took a sample and has sent it off to a lab for further testing.  He declared it was not malignant “at this time”.

God gave me  another good chance to share the Gospel with Dr. Shah on Friday when he did a colonoscopy. Well, at least I watered the seed I planted on Tuesday.  I reminded him that we were both doctors but in two very different fields.  We have had good training as well as lot’s of experience in our separate fields. We are working from common ground: we both know that we are going to die! That is common to mankind.

His job is to take care of me and make sure I can enjoy a full life until I die.  My job is to help him prepare for a full life after we die. I could only do that by reminding him that Jesus Christ loves him and paid the penalty for his sin. He made Heaven an open door to Dr. Shah.

His profession is a matter of life and death.  My offer is life abundant and eternal.  I assured him on the authority of God’s Word this life will be his if he’ll put his trust in what Jesus did for him.

Dr. Shah again listened with seemingly open ears and heart.  I didn’t ask for a ‘decision’ but I am fully confident that God’s Holy Spirit can lead him to that… and he has my number if he wants to talk about it more.  Let’s pray that our Lord with take the seed and bring forth fruit in Dr. Shah’s heart.

The young lady who was his assistant was smiling and nodding in hearty agreement. I didn’t have a chance to talk to her before that magic stuff they put in my vein took over.  Maybe Kathleen will get a chance to water that seed and maybe see it bring life. Wouldn’t that be exciting and a great YEAH, GOD!

So, P. S. = Pray for my Surgeon!

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