Pray Specifically For My Friend CP

My poor pancreas!  God placed it in about as secure and secret a place as you could ask for.  It is hidden down below my stomach, between my kidneys and my duodenum and some other guts.  It looks on the charts in the doctor’s office to be about as well hidden as any tennis ball-sized racemose gland could be in such a confined area.  Yeah, I thought it said “race horse” too.  Racemose?  Sounds too much like a rat or a mouse or a moose.

But this doctor with a hard-to-pronounce specialty listed among the letters after his name is determined to invade the privacy of my little corpus pancreatis.  I call him “CP” due to our most intimate and heretofore loving friendship.  We have been the closest companions for almost 75 years.

Apparently this physician knows that CP doesn’t trust him because he is going about this in a most sneaky way. First, this fearless physician is going to knock me out –an absolute necessity for his own security. Then he is going to cram a camera, and who-knows-what-else down my throat, cowardly trying to slip up on CP from his blind side, I suppose.  Don’t know how my stomach and pancreas will like the arrangement but the rest of me will have to be pharmaceutically induced into a state of torpid inactivity and glorious oblivion.  It’s most likely the only way we can both get out of this little meeting with me being the only one hurting.

While I am as unconscious as in a lecture on systematic theology, the peeping-Tom medical professional is going to take a look at CP.  If he looks ‘suspicious’ Doc will stab it with a needle and help himself to a bit of tissue.  (How did that needle get down my throat?  He started with only a camera!) He will apparently send this part of my friend CP off to a higher medical guru to determine what to do from there.  That is why it is called PRACTICING medicine.  I don’t suppose I’ll ever see that part of my friend again… as if I ever have.  He has been  hiding even from me all these years.

I am confident that the Great Physician is well aware of the situation and knows just what to do about it.  I would certainly appreciate if you will pray with me that these earthly physicians will get HIS signals and directions clear and plain and proceed accordingly.

Dr. Shah is not a believer but he did receive a clear presentation of the Gospel in our preliminary visit. And he listened politely. I would sure like to talk with him more about my Lord.

2 thoughts on “Pray Specifically For My Friend CP

  1. Sure will pray for CP and DG too. Will look for your updates and trust for the very best. Just think, without CP rearing its ugly little head up, (if it has one) this Dr. would not have heard the gospel. Will pray for him too.

  2. Maybe if you just rub some horse liniment on your stomach. I can get Charley Sellers to send you some if you’re out.
    We’ll be praying for you and your Dr.


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