A Few of My Favorite Things

No dog bites or bee stings.  But just sitting here by the fire on a beautiful and very cold Bama morning, I’ve been thinking of “a few of my favorite things”.  And since I can’t sing like Maria von Trapp, I’ll let my fingers try to provide the lyrics and your imagination supply the background orchestration.

Triggered by the latest Facebook posting of one of the Sibley ladies’ latest culinary creations, the first on my list this morning is from Robert E. Lee Drive in Millbrook, AL.  One of the highlights of our all-too-seldom visits home from missionary service was dinner at the home of Charles and Jo and their three girls.  And when I say ‘dinner’ I don’t mean the evening meal like the folks “up narth”.  I mean a real mid-day feast fit for a Southern Living feature article.  The table is filled with food and surrounded by friends.  Over at the other end of the big den is the table of giggling girls and boysterous boys.

And it is not anything that Elsie Sanders or Mary Quates or Margaret Barron or- I better quit with this list or I’ll fill this page with names of the ladies that I’m certain our Lord will have on His kitchen staff for the preparation of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.  But only in an advisory capacity.  They’ve served their time shelling peas, peeling onions and stirring pots on a hot stove.  I’m sure He will have some special angels to do the work and Sarah and Denise and Mrs. Owen and– well there I go again with names of the supervisors.

But it is not just the mouth watering memories of cornbread and blackeyed peas, or fried chicken or biscuits or pork chops or collard greens or corn on the cob or snap beans or butter peas or sweet ‘taters and the homemade pecan pie or peach cobbler.  Shoot!, I have a good wife who can still create most of those in her own kitchen.

It is not just the food. It is the heart huggin’ recollections of friends who are loved ones.

It is remembering that our Lord set the pattern before the Garden of Eden was even finished. When He was busy creating He established the pattern that His creatures would reproduce “after its kind”. Jo Sibley is just an illustration of that truth.

Doug Sanders was a quiet and humble man who loved his Lord. And his son is now a pretty decent deer hunter and the wonderful pastor of our church.

Hurston Quates was a devoted husband, father and faithful deacon. His GRANDson was just ordained to preach the Gospel.

Horace Owsley was a meat cutter, a good friend and dependable deacon. His son is preaching the Word and the father of some fine young women.

Favorite things? A picture of Sharon’s smiling face on the way to the BAMA game. A regular monthly support check from Jim and Corliss. Not just the $ – it is the reminder that one of Harriet’s prize math students is addicted to the ministry of the Word as well as the support others in the ministry!  The bloody face of Billy’s son with his first deer.  A note from Wallace and Barbara from their “little cabin” in the woods of Alabama after a lifetime of service in such remote places as a river 40 miles west of civilization.

Remember, this is just a list of “A FEW” of my favorite things. So I ask you: What’s on your list?

2 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things

  1. A Favorite Thing:

    Crying, well sobbing in church on Christmas Eve; a beautiful service, prayers of rejoicing; (I wasn’t too sick to go to service like I was last year), my children; one on each side of me, and that includes during communion, my husband and all he does to care for me, prayers of thankfulness; memories of my mother and daddy, and all of the wonderful Christmas’s spent with them and a wonderful brother, prayers for the friends and loved ones surrounding us; I know they are experiencing their first Christmas without their patriarch; prayers for healing; I’m not sure my mother-in-law will survive the month; my heart running over with Joy-our Savior is born! And so many of my prayers were answered-Jane is soooo much better! And I am just plain grateful.


  2. Dun,

    Thanks so much for the wonderful compliment! “Addicted to the ministry of the Word” is how I feel, but I wasn’t sure if it showed. I cannot imagine doing anything else with my life, and it is evident that this is your own commitment, too. May the Lord Jesus be glorified in us and through us, and may the Gospel of His grace advance mightily into the nations as a result.


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