Dun's tombstone

In case you are one of my friends and think that you were not notified  of my demise – you did not miss a thing. Except hearing from me in quite a while. This gravestone in not yet erected so don’t look for it in a graveyard near you.

But I realize that you have adequate reason to add me to your list of former friends. The truth is that I was just having too much fun traveling, preaching, visiting friends and family to even treat the rest of you with decent courtesy 😦 And now that we have safely arrived home after traveling as far as the Pacific Ocean and back, I’ve still not gotten back down to earth.  Unpacking has not been as simple a unloading our truck.

Next priority is answering my mail. Then updating my photos on this blog site with pictures from our 9,470 miles on the road.  So, please be as patient with me as with – well, for some reason Ray Stevens’ song of “Along Came Jones” comes to mind. You remember, don’t you? Sweet Sue patiently waited for “lean, lanky, , slow-walkin’, slow-talkin’ Jones’.  Maybe because Salty Sam had her tied up.

But stay tuned and check back now and then…