Want to read my mail?  Here’s what I sent to one young student teacher who is dear to my heart in a text message:

My dear Corrie, You cannot imagine how you bless and encourage and inspire me. Your enthusiasm for “being a teacher” reminds me of my grandmother. When she went to be with the Lord on Labor Day of 1956 she was as excited about being a teacher as she must of been on her very first day- 50+ years prior. She spent that day in the public library preparing for her next day, rode the city bus home and had a heart attack. She was in her 70s, and endured the indignity of mandatory retirement then returned as a volunteer to establish the library system in the elementary schools of Muscogee County Georgia.
I believe I have found a wonderful young Christian who has the spirit of my grandma. I want you to know I do pray for you and will continue. May you be as excited the day you retire as you are today. And every day between!
There are some needy children in Georgia who will be blessed forever by your fruitful ministry.

then this follow-u email:

Corrie, dear,  As I sat here and read again my txt to you, I reflected even more on the tremendous influence my Godly Grandma had on me. I vividly remember taking her to her very first day of college when I was a pre-teen. I went with my Daddy to take her to (that cow-college) Auburn University where she took one of their summer classes for teachers.  She was probably older than the combined ages of her professor and half his class. I imagine she already knew more than the prof about teaching.

I remember reading, many years later, one of the papers she wrote as an assignment for that class. It must have been for her to tell why she was a teacher. She told of the very firm conviction that she was called by her Lord Jesus to serve Him as a school teacher. I wish I had that paper today but I vividly remember her deep faith and commitment to her calling. 

Teaching was not a career to her – it was a calling.  Teaching was not a position to her – it was a passion.  Teaching was not a contract to her – it was a commitment.  Teaching was not a job to her – it was a joy.

That was my Grandmother Gordy… the one who raised a good family of God-fearing children; who was a faithful and devoted wife; who was as faithful to her church as the pastor (Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night and every time the doors opened). She was a loyal and proud descendent of several Confederate soldiers and worked to honor their legacy in the United Daughters of the Confederacy. She was proud to be an active member of the Daughters of the Revolution in honor of her great-grandfathers. She loved our nation, she loved her church, she loved her native state of Georgia. She loved her family and she loved “her children” in school.

Years after her death the little old ladies who knew her in church and elsewhere would tell me “Your Grandmother’s every prayer ended with ‘and please, Lord, make Dun a preacher’!”

I think that today there’s a fresh awareness of a bit more of her influence on my life. I think one of the things I fell in love with your Grandma is that I saw the same commitment to our Lord and her passion for teaching. And then, when I met Harriet, there was that same heart and soul. Now that our Lord has brought me back to my first sweetheart, I am even more impressed with her teaching “credentials”: a lifetime of faithfulness to her calling!

God, give us more Christian teachers in the heritage of Maxie Parkman Gordy, Harriet Long Gordy, Eleanor Folsom Gordy, Beverly Gordy Weaver, Lila Gordy Campbell, Barbara Gordy Moses, Brooke Weaver Riley! “May your tribe increase”.

And my Lord, please make Corrie Elise Farrington one of them!

One most important thing that I saw in my Grandma Gordy was that she never let her love for books interfere with her love for THE BOOK! May that be the testimony of your life as well.

I love you, 

Papa Dun


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  1. So delightful to read what a very special Grand mother you had Dun, No wonder you loved her so much!!!!!!

  2. Precious, precious words. What a legacy. Thanking God this morning for the opportunity to eaves drop on your mail!

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