There WILL Be A Sunrise!

IMG_0128“…when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh!” Luke 21:28

I made the mistake of turning on the Sirius radio to the news yesterday. First broadcast I’ve listened to in over a week from up here in the mountains with no TV and not newspapers. Found out that I had not missed a thing. The world condition is just as sad, economic forecast just as dismal, political situation as hopeless and crime rate is about the only thing growing in America . . . all about where I last left them. May have gotten a bit worse. But last time I looked and listened I did not believe that would have been possible.

Maybe that is why the sunrise shouted a louder message to my soul this morning. It sent me back into THE BOOK. I checked Luke 21 and found God’s instructions still there.  But this time I was struck by the fact that our Lord seems to be saying “don’t rush thru this!  Don’t just look up.  Stop and lift up your head, pay attention”.  Not just look up, but lift up your head for a better, clearer, more realistic view of what’s ahead.

Just as surely as the brilliant colors in the morning clouds over the mountains to my east promise a sunrise, so the promises of the Word of God assure us of a glorious future. That is, to those of us who know and love Him and who love His appearing.

But I must LOOK ABOVE the weeds in the grass at my feet and LOOK ABOVE the manure in the pasture.  I better keep my eyes on the eastern skies if I want to revel in the beauty of the sunrise, to bask in the warmth of the morning sun.

And had better be our perspective, my friend.  As one old sage declared “our future is as bright as the promises of God!”  You can check the media now and then for a reminder of the bad news BUT if you want hope for these troubled times, help for your present needs, you better keep your nose in THE BOOK.

Like young David with his sling and stones, IF we have been gazing on Jesus, just a glance at Goliath will be enough. Just take a second or two to find you target, get your range and take aim. Do what is necessary to meet the challenges and then we can go back to meet our KING with the news of victory!

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  1. This was good reading my dear. Yes, God word is a lot brighter news for our souls. I must remember that,,,, I love you’ Eleanor

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