P. S. = Praise and Supplication

IMG_4048Grannie Lindsay’s preacher boys!

How can I get so far behind with correspondence so quickly?  Because I was praying and fasting?  Well, I thought of telling you that but then I’d have to write again and confess to lying.  I do wish that prayer and fasting were more a description of my life.  Eleanor and I enjoy praying together –in fact, that is one of the things that drew us together in the first place.

We have had a busy month even though we thought it would be a slow month with time to rest and recharge out batteries.  But we had the privilege of some wonderful times of ministry and travel.  I was privileged to preach in GA, AL and NC as well as visit friends and supporters in those states and in TN and FL.

We had a most encouraging visit with my preacher cousin and his wife in Tennessee.  Jim and Mary Louise have served our Lord faithfully in many churches across the beautiful Volunteer state.

We visited at Compass Aviation where I was privileged to speak to the staff and students.  Compass prepares young men for service to our Lord in missionary aviation.  While there we met some other visitors, 3 national pastors from Papua New Guinea who are here to attend Bible College.  What an encouraging challenge to meet these men who are the fruit of other’s labors and are preparing to better serve our Lord among their people in that beautiful Island nation that I love so well.


One of these men held my hand a long time and expressed his appreciation for my ministry in PNG.  He thanked me sincerely for helping his people hear the Good News of the Gospel. Do you think that made me want to “retire”? It made me more determined than ever to press on: GOing, giving, sending, praying and challenging every believer to be involved in reaching the people who have never heard the blessed story of Jesus!

Please be praying for me as I plan and schedule ministry in the Pacific Northwest beginning in July.  I plan to drive out with my GRANDdaughter Jessica who has been with me before and anxious to go again.  We’ll leave here on July 1 and she’ll fly home. Eleanor will fly out to meet me later and we will be there until sometime in September.  Pray for Jessica and I as we drive and that our Lord will direct our steps to be a blessing as we go!

There is no way we could serve our Lord if we had to depend on Social Security, or work a secular job to pay the bills, much less to provide finances for the ministry travel.  Our Lord uses His people to channel His provisions to us.  I am so very thankful for those who pray and give that we can go.  We depend on our Lord and are so thankful for YOUR prayers, encouragement and gifts!