“We Do Not Have to Come Back!”

I remember a friend who served in a Search and Rescue unit of the US Coast Guard in Oregon.  He told of a particularly severe storm out over the Pacific with a vessel in distress.  When his helicopter was ordered out to rescue the stranded seamen, he expressed doubts that they could ever get back alive from flying into such a storm.  His captain looked him in the eye and reminded him sternly “We were not ordered to come back alive.  We were ordered to GO!”

This  came back to me as I read Jack Housley’s blog.  Here’e what he said:

“When one is abandoned to the Lord Jesus- not to a cause or program, but simply to the Lord Himself- then to that individual, it matters not whether he be placed in a wheel chair, a hospital bed, a prison cell, in a darkened corner where men never see him, or whether he be set on a pedestal where he may preach Christ before the multitudes. It becomes simply a matter of being a bond slave to the Lord Jesus Christ. Whatever may bring the most glory to Him becomes the consuming passion of his life.”
We the body of Christ must go, that was the last words off the lips of Jesus Christ out Lord, it was true then and it is true today nothing has change, if you love me you will do what I say. And He reminds us with these words, “Why do you call me Lord and do not the things I say?”
People have said we do not have to live but I say if we do live we must go with this good news to the ends of the earth starting right where we find our selves today. As a Christian who do we love most? Start there and God will guide us into many tomorrows to come.”

I recommend that you check out Jack’s blog and subscribe to it http://jjhousley4.blogspot.com/