What Is The Greatest Need On The Mission Field?

I am still motivated by the provoking notice on the back of an old Songs of Challenge book I keep handy:

We have a contract for a big world job which must be rushed to completion. The pay is exceptionally good if you qualify. Only men with highest spiritual goals need apply.

Qualifications: Born-again believers; men who know and believe God’s Word; those who have the fruit of the Spirit such as love, joy, peace, long-sufferig, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, self control; men of vision ; men who have faith in God’s matchless ability to accomplish the task of world eveangelization in this generation; men who will hazard their lives in obedience to God’s Word to make the Gospel available to the last tribe; men who have a consistent passion for souls; men who are specialists in spiritual warfare; men who do not feel the pulse of human nature for direction, but who always trust God for guidance and are ready to work in unity with others who are doing the same job.

You first job is to be a witness; and if you are a mechanic, doctor, artist, or farmer God can use you in His great world plan.  If you are an aviator, architect, printer, photographer or a carpenter, all the practical knowledge you have may be put to its highest use in God’s important job.

Men are needed who have wholehearted confidence in God’s ability to do the impossible. No matter how you qualify in this world, there is one job bigger than any other for which you can give you life –the supreme task of living wholeheartedly to reach the last man, the last tribe with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.