What Do You See?

big fish

Missionary Janessa Schuring posted this picture of her Dad and his big catch on her facebook.  I responded that this is the kind of picture I would find very useful in missionary recruiting.  If you love to go barefooted, wear casual attire and enjoy great fishing, you know why.  Definitely not the image that comes into folks mind  when I try to sell them on being a jungle missionary.  They usually react like I were inviting them to be the volunteer patient for a rookie dentist as he attempts his first root canal – without anesthesia.  

But there are an awful lot of fishermen in churches I’ve met who would love to get one of these babies on a light spinning rig or even a crank-bait outfit.  Not only would you have your hands full of some excitement but you could look to the prospects of having enough fish to fry for the whole Bible Study group!  Along with lots of hushpuppies and cheese grits!

But wait a minute. Did you see the real trophy in this picture?  What did you see besides a big fish and a happy fisherman?

I don’t mean to point my finger at any guiltless but I do confess that I studied that big fish and tried to figure out what kind it is, how much it weighed and speculate on what kind of bait he used to catch it.

Only then did I pay attention to the young man hanging on to the tail of that whopper?  Now there’s the trophy!  A trophy of grace.  Jesus hung around with a lot of fishermen and I’m sure He smelled a lot of dead fish.  And ate His share.

But Jesus did not die for fish.  He died for the fishermen

Do you have a problem like I do?  Like the blind man Jesus restored to seeing?  The man in Mark 8:24?  The man said “I see men as trees, walking.”  How often I need Jesus to put His hands on my spiritual eyes and let me see clearly!


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  1. Was challenged afresh last night as we listened to a missionary from Egypt. He really gave a strong, effective challenge. I see people, not lost people like I should. Thanks for another reminder.

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