What To Do When I Can Not Do Anything

I found a great encouragement in the writing of some unknown (to me) saint: “to one who seemingly has no chance for active usefulness, when we cannot DO anything for our fellow man, it is good to know that we can BE something for them.”

It reminded me of what some wag one time said of the town bum: “well, at least he is a good bad example.”  I can think of a few folks I’ve known that I assumed had no greater purpose in life than to be a living warning.  They were an illustration of the results of stupid choices.

I made some notes of what I would like to BE even when I can not DO.  I won’t bore you will all the things on my list but I’ll give you an idea of what I mean. I first of all began at home and then to the church and then to the world.  To my wife, my children, my GRANDchildren, my local fellowship and to the whole of the Church of our Lord and then to the world of unsaved, non-Christians I meet in life.

I want to BE loving, kind, careful, cheerful and dependable to my wife.

I want to BE a testimony to my children of faithfulness, honesty, depending on and trusting wholly  in my great God.

I want to BE an inspirational testimony to my GRANDchildren that I love our Lord, love His Word, love His work and love His people.

I want to BE an encourager and challenge to God’s people to love Him and serve Him.

How about we just make this a fill-in-the-blanks exercise?  You make your own list if you haven’t already done so.