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We are so thankful for the blessed privilege of serving our Lord together!  Besides the annual mission conference at Community Baptist, our Lord allowed us to travel to the New Tribes Bible Institute in Jackson, Michigan for a couple of days.  I was given the high honor of preaching in chapel and visiting among the staff and students in this great school.  And it was a wonderful time for Eleanor to get to meet some of the folks I’ve told her so much about.  And how our spiritual batteries were CHARGED by fellowship with the young folks who have come to immerse themselves in the study of God’s Wonderful Word!

Communirty Baptist confIt is because of faithful financial and prayer support that we are able to travel and minister like this.  Please pray for continued opportunities to serve.  I want to die with my boots on and my open Bible in my hand!

I have a list of the support level of 29 missionaries.  These servants of our Lord, supported by local churches and individuals, serve with several different boards and agencies. The actual $$ amount was not given but the percentage of each was listed.

That average?   51%  of the amount each missionary’s board recommended!  Only two out of the twenty-nine had their full-recommended support.

Experience tells me that this is probably an accurate reflection of the whole picture.  This means that the average missionary is living and ministering with only slightly more than half their needed income.

My support thru New Tribes Mission has averaged 78% of the recommended amount for a ‘retired’ member. I am NOT retired from ministry but NTM lists me as a “non-salaried volunteer” and will still process any gifts to my ‘volunteer’ work.  If you would like to help you can give by electronic funds transfer at  or by mail NEW TRIBES MISSION : 1000 East First ST. : SANFORD, FL 32771


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  1. Bro. Dun, This is Zondra Jernigan. I use to go to Harmony Baptist Church (Andalusia, AL). I now attend Sovereign Grace Baptist Church. We would like to contribute $100.00 per month to a needy couple in New Tribes Missions. Can you please direct me in the right direction. Thank you, Zondra

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