Had to resist the temptation to entitle this “Quit-chya’-belly-akin”.  Afraid the nomenclature of my days with Uncle Sam’s Navy may bring out with the sailor’s version. It was the usual reaction to messages that came over the “PA system”… For some reason, sailors back in those days called it by another name another… “the B—- Box”.  Wonder if they still use our pre-60’s terminology for that aggravating little contraption that could be heard from stem to stern?

So let me clean up the language a bit and just quote ole’ Dr. R. G. Lee –or was it Vance Havner? And I can’t give the verbatim quote but I vividly remember the  message of admonition given to us young preachers:

>It is time we call a moratorium on preachers who, in the guise of “telling it like it is” spend so much of their time preaching on the degrading state of our society and the Laodicean temperament of our church.  They are heavy on illustrations and light on remedies. We have arrived in those dangerous times the Apostle warned us about –immorality in the pulpits, dishonesty in government, crumbling economy and the downward spiral of the ‘American Dream’.   Oh, it is as bad as you said and probably even worse.  And besides, they know it already! <

Well, that has increasingly become my reaction when I open my emails or look at my Facebook status updates (disguised as “news feed”.)

Isn’t it about time we started offering solutions for victorious Christian living in times like these?  I heard about how bad the Roman Empire had gotten- immoral, decadent, perverted, an engine of slavery.  But I did not hear it from the authors I’ve been reading, men who lived during those days.  We call their “updates” and “post” ‘epistles’ and ‘gospels.  Lets see, one was a physician named Luke, and there were a couple of fishermen named John and Peter.  And a fellow named Paul.  I think he made tents for a living.  And he wrote more than the other three combined.  The only time they mentioned societies’ ills was to give remedies to problems.

I think I’ll quit forwarding emails that illustrate just how bad it is getting and send along only those which give solid, practical instructions and admonitions.  My Pastor Mike Young said “God is looking for those who can survive the blessings!”  And then he went on to preach the best message I’ve heard on preparing for persecution.

But wait, it is the ONLY sermon I’ve heard on that subject yet!

Pastor Mike proceeded to give sound Biblical instructions.  (bottom line: put on the whole armor of God and walk in the Spirit.) With his teaching as my guidelines, I’m going to be on the lookout for emails and fb posts on how to persevere in persecution; how to thrive spiritually as America dives materially; how to walk as the church wavers.

If that’s all I pass along, you may not hear much from me.  But here’s one worth sending.

Missionary friend Mike Mikolavich from Papua New Guinea wrote me “Facebook is okay. But I’m really into FaceLOOK!”. And then he pointed me to Revelation 1:7: “Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him…!”

Let us keep LOOKING UP, folks.  And lets point others to the only hope.

3 thoughts on “FACEBOOK or FACE LOOK?

  1. Hi Dun,

    Well said! I know things are getting worse here in the USA, but it is amazing how many Christians are evangelistic about saving the country and not so evangelistic about saving souls. Instead of stocking up on guns and ammo, what if Christians would spending time and money on witnessing, inviting people to home Bible studies, and giving out Bibles and Stranger books? But above all, we must be a people of prayer, or any effort political or evangelistic will be powerless.

    All for now,


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    WordPress.com Dun Gordy posted: “Had to resist the temptation to entitle this Quit-chya-belly-akin. Afraid the nomenclature of my days with Uncle Sams Navy may bring out with the sailors version. It was the usual reaction to messages that came over the PA system For some reason,”

  2. That’s some good writing. I feel the same way. What a great message from our PNG missionary ~ good reminder.

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