P. S. = Pray Specifically

This update comes soon after the last one but need to ask you to pray specifically for Eleanor.  She has been in pain for the last month.  At first she thought it was a sciatic nerve in her right leg.  When she could not get any relief and the pain moved from her hip to her stomach she went to the doctor.  Dr. Hudson referred her to an orthopedic surgeon for the hip and gave her some pain med and muscle relaxer.  After a week she determined that Eleanor has Diverticulitis and began treating that.  Eleanor has had no relief from the pain so she will undergo a CT scan of her abdomen today.

Please Pray Specifically for this procedure, for Eleanor’s peace of mind and calmness of heart; for the medical team who will administer and interpret the test; for a soon and proper diagnosis.  We should get the result by tomorrow.  Please   that Eleanor will have some relief from the pain.

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