Pretty is . . . ?

Katherine Webb-GFR-013889Did you watch the Miss America pageant?  As Eleanor and I did, we repeated more than once, some old adages about beautiful girls.   My mother preached it to my sisters, my wife preached it to our daughters, Eleanor taught her sweet Leanne and we now try to remind our GRANDdaughters: “Pretty is as pretty does“.  Unfortunately the ‘talent’ competition of the pageant did little to reveal the truth in this area.

Another quotation I grew up with from my Grandmother: “Beauty is skin deep, ugly holds it own.  Beauty fades away, ugly holds its own“.  No comment -except to ask if you noticed when the former Miss Americas were introduced?

And the one best illustrated truth last Saturday night was the old adage: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder“.  The one picked by the judges wasn’t even on our list of the “top 10 finalists”.  Sportscaster Brent Musburger and Bama quarterback A. J. McCarron agreed with our choice.  We were disappointed that Miss Alabama did not win; or Miss Montana; or Miss Georgia; or maybe even your favorite.

But the best insight into the real heart of the girls came in the “question and answer” session.  Wish we could have heard from all of them instead of just the 5 finalists.  But we may have been even more disillusioned.  How many more would have advocated “recreational” use of marijuana?  or stricter gun control laws?

By the way, Miss America was Miss New York but was born and raised in Opelika, ALABAMA.  She said she had to move to New York to “find herself”.  I kinda of suspect that she had already ‘found herself’ and didn’t like what she found. Her interview with Huffington Post revealed that she is a very “independent” young lady (oldest they allow to enter the Miss America pageant) and very much the center of her world.