“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas has finally come and gone for another year.  The typical 25% off seasonal items have been reduced at our local Dollar General store again.  They are now down past the 50-75% off mark and the remaining treasures have been so picked over that the “leavings’ are hardly worth your effort to dig thru.

Some more of the luster of the holidays are missing since I won’t get to watch the Crimson Tide play in a New Year’s Day bowl game like I have “since Shep was a pup” as Mama would say.  But at least the National Championship game that Bama will wait to play and then win will be along in a week.

So what does that mean to Christians who want to spend our time wisely?  What should occupy our focus and attention as a result of the coming of the King?  It is always safe to check out the Scriptures and see if we can find any Biblical instruction or at least an example to emulate in response.

A look at the men in the sheep camp out near Bethlehem should give us some good examples.  After all that hullabaloo of Hallelujah’s in the night sky that had initially terrified them, they were left in awe with the greatest message they had ever heard still ringing in their ears.  When the brilliance of the angelic host had faded and the darkness again reclaimed its hold over the hillsides, there was a quick consensus among them that they better check this out.

(Have you ever wondered who they left to watch their flocks of sheep when they split out for Bethlehem?  Maybe one of he angels had volunteered to cover for them?)

Like you and I and countless millions who have done the same thing when we heard the good news, they checked it out.  They came and found the little family in the stable just as they had been told.  I rejoiced too when I had verified for myself just Who this Baby was and is.

As we can imagine, there was no little excitement among those sheepherders!  Their rejoicing and praises were directed to the God of creation Who had so revealed Himself to them.

You did not skip thru that verse, Luke 2:17 did you?  These shepherds not only talked excitedly among themselves about what they had seen and heard.  They “made known abroad”.  I think that means they told everybody who would listen about this miraculous Child Who had been sent into the world to save them from their sins.

I have determined to copy those sheep men.  I want to make sure that I ‘make known abroad’ what I know to be the truth that God was in this Christ, reconciling the world to Himself.  That this same Jesus in the crib is also the Jesus on the Cross and the Jesus of the empty tomb.  And this same Jesus is coming again.  This time as conquering King and not just a helpless infant.