Like too many preachers today, I am tempted to put our beloved America in the place of Israel when reading the Old Testament… especially the Prophets.  When I catch myself so lured, I remember the warning Dr. Jacob Gartenhaus gave me over a cup of coffee one morning:  “Gentile Christians are eager to claim and apply God’s promises of blessings to Israel for yourselves.  But you are conspicuously careful to ignore the curses!”

In reading thru the Prophets for the past several months, I have constantly had to remind myself of that warning from my Jewish Christian’s friend.  America’s spiritual decadence today is too much like Israel in that period of their history.  It was in that eight-century before our Lord that God flooded Israel with prophetic revelation of serious warnings.

America is not God’s chosen people!  We are not descended from one selected and elected Gentile Abraham; we freed ourselves from King George’s taxes but were not delivered from bondage to Egypt’s Pharaoh; we came here over the sea but we did not walk thru it on dry ground; our president wants to be king but we are not led by a descendant of David.

In Amos this morning, I was reminded that one reason we need to apply the prophetic warnings and instructions to ourselves is of our striking resemblance to that nation.  Though not the chosen people, we are an especially blessed people.  We are governed by a Constitution that was based on that code and law that the Prophet Moses was given from the hand and mouth of God.  We have been especially blessed, protected and preserved in a tumultuous world.  We have maintained a stable government in a century of political turmoil.  What most of us sing as a prayer, is really a declaration of fact: God HAS blessed America and we Christians know it.

So I feel justified to apply the prophetic warnings to us because of what God said thru His spokesman Amos (3:2):  “You only have I known of all the families of the earth: therefore I will punish you for all your iniquities.” We are not the only nation in history blessed by God in a special way. But we are high on the list. Remember that God warned in Luke 12:47 that those who have greater enlightenment will have stricter judgment. The evidence of history is that God’s grace was poured out on England before us. I cannot help but believe it was because of their protection of the Jewish people throughout their worldwide empire… AND because the Gospel was carried everywhere on earth that the British flag was raised.  

We have been particularly blessed and protected!  So far . . .

But when I turn on the national news from both so-called ‘fair and balanced Fox’ and the liberal media I get the same picture I get from Israel’s history.  There is an abandonment of our spiritual heritage and ignoring of God’s warning. We seem to be as determined to duplicate their story as if it were planned, published and orchestrated. 

When I turn to the Weather Channel, I have the feeling that if Micah or Hosea or Amos or one of their kind were to report, we would hear a dire warning to “repent!” following it.  ‘Record highs’, ‘wide spread drought’, Katrina’s and Sandy’s!  Can’t you just imagine the hot tears running down Jeremiah’s cheeks?  Or hear the Sinai sternness in Isaiah’s warnings?  It might make our ears tingle and our heart quiver.  Ears accustomed to being tickled.  Hearts hardened to the plight of a pre-born human.

But I fear that I know how we might respond.  We would most probably dismiss him as a ‘grumpy old man’. Or we’d laugh at him as a ‘religious fanatic’.  Worse still, we would ignore him in the midst of our materialistic madness as we march toward “Christ”mas.

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  1. HI Dun,

    Well said! How can God bless an America that has killed around 50 million unborn children. Our “favorite” business partner, China, forces the abortion/death of every child out of wedlock, plus any child that is “over the limit” of one child per family is put to death. Hitler killed over 6 million Jews, but we are not a righteous country to say we are better than he was. No, our country is covered with sin and shame, and God will not overlook it forever. Judgement is coming.

    All for now,


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    WordPress.com Dun Gordy posted: “Like too many preachers today, I am tempted to put our beloved America in the place of Israel when reading the Old Testament especially the Prophets. When I catch myself so lured, I remember the warning Dr. Jacob Gartenhaus gave me over a cup of coff”

  2. Enjoyed reading this precious husband, Something to really make me think ……where am I marching to today? I love you and really do appreciate the words you have written,,,,,,,,You are SPECIAL! I love you but I do love JESUS more!!!!

    Your Eleanor

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