It has been encouraging to see the number of folks online who are passionate about the coming election.  It is a crucial one.  But it seems that I remember that warning before every election in the past 25 years at least.  But that doesn’t mean that we should not realize that there is far more at stake in this one!

As I read the Facebook posts and the blogs, I can’t help but check my own heart as to my MOTIVE and the criteria that I use to determine how I will vote.  I’d kinda’ wish I could be registered as both parties just so I could vote in both primaries.  I’d vote against some things and some candidates more than vote for the other. The truth is I’m neither a Democrat nor a Republican.  And though I consider myself independent, if I register as such I can only vote in the general election.

And here’s the criteria that I will use to vote: Jeremiah 29:7 & 2 Timothy 2:1-2.  God instructed the Israelites to be good citizens of Babylon and even to pray for the wicked, Godless king Nebuchadnezzar.  Paul instructed us that all Christians should be praying for “ALL that are in (civil) authority.” 

And the reason we are to pray and what we are to pray is the same in both case: that we can live free enough to worship our Lord and serve Him. 

I CANNOT vote for Obama and the Democratic party because of his recorded stand against Christianity, his hostility toward the religion of the Jews and Christians, his admiration for and endorsement of Islam.  Nor can I support the party because their national convention tried (thankfully unsuccessful) to remove God and the Bible from their platform.  I listened to all three of the votes on that issue and still judge that the majority of those voting were opposed!  And it was a judgment call by the chairman.

I fear that a victory for the incumbent president will mean a giant step towards “one nation under Allah” and increased hostility against the “People of THE BOOK”. 


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  1. AMEN to your post.  Love you!


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  2. I sure do agree with you. Was watching tv the other night and they asked this guy who he was going to vote for. I was so dissappointed when he said Ron Paul! That just means those who will vote for him will only be taking votes from Romney. We need to pray that people will realize that there really are only 2 choices ~ the one we got or Romney. He sure is my choice.

  3. Hi Dun: Sure hope you and Eleanor are having a nice winter, so far anyway. I believe like you do, that we will not a christian country anymore if the present administration is in power. You take care and hugs to you both, Eleanor Hall

    • It must be comforting to all of you who’ve forgotten the 8 years of disaster under the Republican Bush-Cheney leadership. Be on alert for half truths and incomplete statements in these kinds of messages. It was President Obama who noticed God was omitted at the DNC and made sure He was put back in. Any urban legend website is a good place to check our your “statements of truth” for veracity before publishing them. I am a Christian and I am voting for President Obama. Romney is too nebulous to trust.

  4. Out of curiosity, I went to Mitt Romney’s web site to see if I could get more details on his plan. I clicked on “one page” and found the same general statements with no detail at all. I clicked on “Full Plan” and found several blank pages, nothing else. Try it and see.

    By Bob Correal

    I had the displeasure of seeing 2016 the movie yesterday. But not in
    the way you may think. You would think that as a former Obama fan, it
    would have been a right-wing propaganda filled experience. A waste of
    my time. It wasn’t! It is not about taking over the auto industry or
    banks or any number of things that the Obama administration has already
    done. Some of that may have been needed to fix the mess….

    What the movie does do is lead you through Obama ‘s upbringing, his
    early, impressionistic learning years if you will, how his beliefs were
    formed, by whom and when. I was quite honestly amazed at the many
    things I learned–right from the horse’s mouth, so to speak–from his
    brother, and others who knew him and that the movie interviews and
    shows-you hear it from them. The movie was very well done and very
    factual. It was scarier than any Friday the 13th movie I have ever

    There was not a sound in the theater as the movie progressed and when
    it ended, people just sat there, stunned. There was not a nay-sayer or
    heckler in the entire group. I might have been one if them had I not
    been so shaken. It really is a revealing look of who Obama is and where
    he and his handlers want to take our beloved country, now that the
    waters have been tested as to what he can get away with, what it
    reveals his plans for the next 4 years and beyond is, well,
    reprehensible. I voted for this man, I had his best wishes in my heart,
    but he has not returned the favor to the American people. In fact, he
    seems completely unaware of owing Americans anything, blacks, whites,
    Hispanics–they are merely a means to an end: a vote to further his
    agenda would end our America , the way we have known it.

    No matter your political leanings, if you love America , you owe it to
    yourself to see the movie. Why not? This election is not politics as
    usual, and Obama is not the typical Democrat you may have always voted
    for- not by any means! Once you see it, you will understand and you
    will want to do, as I am doing now: encourage everyone to go and see
    it…I promise you, you will no longer want to vote for this man, you
    will want to run from him!

    Now I understand why his school records have been hidden away, why his
    past and papers have been locked away from view…why only what they
    want us to see, have we seen… Obama is NOT what or who you think he
    is. Charming, yes, black, yes–but without any black American history
    or empathy in his blood, smart–not as smart as you think…but he has
    found his pulpit and his blind followers- but I am no longer one of

    The Agenda: Make CERTAIN Obama does not get a second term which equals:
    4 more years to ignore Congress and ignore what the American people
    want, 4 more years to circumvent our Constitution and bring America
    morally, spiritually and economically to its knees. He’s already proven
    he can and will and HAS begun this process already!

    Even if you do not want to vote for Romney, you WILL want to vote
    AGAINST Barack Obama! I am going to make a statement here; you all know
    I am neither a scholar nor a historian, but: At some point in our
    history books in the future, the legacy of Barack Hussein Obama will
    show him in the same dark light as Marx, Lenin and Stalin–who have
    furthered the misery, suppression and control over their people and
    sought to spread their oppressive philosophy and dominance throughout
    the world… IF AMERICA HAD NOT STOPPED THEM! Think about that.

    Be careful who you vote for, be very careful. Put your love of America
    first- it’s all we have.

    Thanks for listening.

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