IT SEMED TO PLEASE HIM BEST; TO PUT HIM IN THE EAST AND LET HIM TRAVEL WEST”. (quotation from a journal of an Oregon Trail traveler.)

Eleanor had commitments that kept her in the South just too long for me to wait for her 🙂  So two of her GRANDsons, Chad 17 and Tyler 15 and I just left her with the hot and sticky weather and headed west.  We drove out from Georgia to Oregon in just 4 days so you know we did not waste much time anywhere in between!  She will fly out and we reunite with her next week (Tuesday). We will then be in Eastern Oregon until we take the young men to Portland on Aug. 18 to fly home. Bet I don’t need to tell you that we three “boys” have really enjoyed ourselves!  Thank you Lord!


Eleanor and I will then have the privilege of ministering in churches in Oregon, Washington and Idaho until we drive back east and south in mid September.  Here are just some of the places we will be.  Please be praying that out Lord will make us a blessing as we go and as we serve Him and His people.

  • August 18 – Shedd, OR
  • August 26 – Prineville, OR
  • September 2 -Sumpter Valley Bible Church, OR
  • September 9- South Hill Bible Church, Spokane, WA
  • September 16 – Community Baptist Church, Pinehurst, ID

We will be looking forward to visiting many friends and family in these days ahead.  Thank you again for praying for us.


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  1. Will pray for you all and your travels as well as the meetings. And I know you will be sharing the Lord with waitresses etc. too. I covet your prayers as I go for right knee replacement surgery on the 28th of this month. Thank you.

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