The most important ability is STICKABILITY!

Had to share this letter from my friend Jack Housley, missionary in Papua New Guinea.

“Demas hath forsaken me…” 

   Does everyone feel the pain in Paul’s words coming from II Timothy 4:10-16 or is it maybe just us old missionaries that can really feel his pain? “Demas has forsaken me…“ and “at my first defense no one stood with me, but all forsake me.”

   Paul that great missionary of old informed us would-be missionaries, to follow him as he followed the Lord. Over the last 38 years I have enjoyed doing just that. It has not been the II Corinthians 11 “experiences” that give me night mares, but the II Timothy 4:16 “thought” that gives cold chills to me sitting with Paul in that small Roman cell.

   “Everyone,” he wrote for the whole world to see, as He gets ready for the time of his departure, “has forsaken me but the Lord stood with me and strengthened me.” Can you imagine seeing everyone walk away from you in a time of need like this? Pray with me that it would never happen; Jack Housley is weak and needs those that hold the ropes to be strong.

   Thanks seems so cheap when one’s life is hanging on those ropes and the ministry of getting the gospel to the world depends on your faithfulness as well as our faithfulness to be here on the mission field. You have been so good to us, and we thank God for you and the love you share with us in your giving and praying. You have held the ropes well.



2 thoughts on “The most important ability is STICKABILITY!

  1. Good to see you posting again. I heard that great old song, So Send I You, as I was listening to BBN. It took me back so many years ago when we sat as newly called “recruits” in Chapel singing that song. We we so excited and dedicated to our call in the Lord. What precious memories. Would be good to be young again and be able to do it all over.

  2. Amen, Ruthie. If I were that young again, I’d want to be twins so I could serve HIM twice as much – and hopefully twice as good 🙂

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