Shock and Awe- And Grateful Praise

I did not say it, God did.  “It is not good for man to be alone…”  But I heartily agree.  (who am I to disagree with the Almighty?)  Less than 2 weeks before our Lord took Harriet back to Himself, she turned to me and said “When I’m gone, will you get together with Eleanor?”  It came so unexpectedly, out of the blue, that it upset me and I was unable to even talk with her about it.  Eleanor was my “first love” back as freshmen in college.  We were even engaged but both of us became aware that it was not of our Lord and we broke up.

With broken hearts and more questions than answers we went out separate ways.  Our Lord have her a Godly young man and God gave me Harriet.  And now, 50 years later our Lord has brought us together again.    Harriet and I renewed a friendship with Eleanor at a college reunion 6 or 8 years ago… not much more than exchange of Christmas cards and occasional notes and emails -and the class reunions.  And her name always brought the comment from Harriet, “Eleanor is such a sweet person!”

“When I’m gone…?” was one of those phrases that she used more and more often in the last year of what I believe she knew were her last months.  As I’ve thought back over that statement that so surprised me and shocked me then, I’ve come to understand that this one was more of an instruction than a question.  It was really another of those on my “Honey do” list.  She had constantly instructed me to “get married again”.  She even gave our girls and Peggy subtle hints and outright instructions (unbeknown to me) to watch me and make sure I got a good and Godly woman as my second wife.

Two weeks before our Lord took her home, she turned to me and said “When I’m gone, will your get together with Eleanor.” ! ! !

And then last week our Lord slipped Eleanor back into my life in a new and precious way.  She was as surprised as I was about what our friendship had blown into. I’ll tell you, that was a two-day emotional rocket ride for both of us.

But a rocket ride that has lifted both of us deeper in love with our Loving Lord Who “always gives His best to those who leave the choice to Him.”

Well, I didn’t mean to start on this rambling epilog but Julieann says I’ve been acting like a teenager since leaving Fayetteville last week.  She declares “you better go back to Georgia, Dad.  You left your mind and heart both up there!”

I love y’all and look forward to introducing you to Harriet’s choice. As you can well imagine, there are more questions to be answered and decisions to be made in the days and weeks ahead.  Not being teenagers this time, we can’t “run off to South Carolina and get married” like we talked about 52 years ago.  So we covet your prayers for us.

3 thoughts on “Shock and Awe- And Grateful Praise

  1. Follow the Lord and you heart. All will be right. Good luck and best wishes to you both. Susie & Jerry

  2. Hi Dun,Harriet was indeed a wise lady and had your best interest at heart. What an example of true love! Bob and I wish you and Eleanor all the blessings in the world. If you ever get up to Susanville, CA you have a place to stay at our house. We are active at Standish Bible Church.Bob and Glenda Powell

  3. We are happy too hear about this new chapter in your life. God will surely bless you and use you!

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