My Lord IS and WAS and Always WILL BE

Does God keep His Word?  Check out Jeremiah 31:13-17!  I might not ought to admit it in print but I really like the way the Message paraphrases it: 

13 -Young women will dance and be happy, young men and old men will join in. I’ll convert their weeping into laughter, lavishing comfort, invading their grief with joy.

But I like the KJV better in 16-17: 

Thus saith the LORD; Refrain thy voice from weeping, and thine eyes from tears: for thy work shall be rewarded, saith the LORD; …And there is hope in thine end, saith the LORD,…”

Don’t expect to see this old man dancing, but when we covered my beloved Harriet’s ashes with that last shovel of the red Florida dirt, I would never have dreamed that my life would be anything but just as lifeless as that grave; my heart would always be as empty as that shovel and my life as fruitless as that wooden box. BUT GOD…!

 Because I have:

 gazed on many gorgeous sun rises, and felt the SON rising in my heart; 

 had the luxury of meditating on His promises while looking at a stunning Elkhorn range topped with fresh snow;


 had the comfort of communion with the Creator on long walks thru His Ponderosa pines;

 enjoyed the awesome awareness of His presence on quiet nights under a brilliant blanket of His stars; 

 experienced the unimaginable blessing of un-interrupted hours of reading His precious Word; 

 found fresh and new fellowship with old friends and new believers;

 been challenged, encouraged, comforted and blessed with phone calls, notes, emails and personal visits from so many of God’s dear people.

  How can I do anything but weep with joy and laugh out loud with excitement and sense down deep inside that my precious Lord has been my source and my strength!  He has been to me what He was to David when he was tending sheep and writing his psalms.  He IS just exactly what He WAS when He took my Harriet into his bosom.  And He always WILL BE Who and What He is no matter what the valleys of despair I experience nor the heights of happiness I enjoy.