Frost and the Grace of God

Maybe it was because the full harvest moon was so glorious last night, even the scattered clouds abandoned the sky leaving our morning beautifully clear.  And because it was so cold, the Creator spread His blanket over the landscape.  His blanket of frost.

As I enjoyed the beauty of the morning and the beauty of God’s wonderful Word in my hands, I was struck with how much this touch of His handiwork illustrated His grace.  Frost!  It covered everything with one un-asked-for blanket of beauty.  The broken limbs, dirty windshield, the rusting tin on the barn roof.  All covered and hidden from view by God’s frost.  Even the left over evidence of the cows now moved to winter pasture, the stinking “cow pies”.

How much this frost reminded me of just a bit of the depth of glory of our Lord’s Grace.  His unmerited favor and His lavish love have covered so much brokenness, so much dirt, so much rust and ruin in my life.  And thankfully even the foul smell of death from so much worthless deeds in my life.

The frost is heaviest in the deepest shade and at the bottom of the gulch.  It seems to me that looking back, it took extra grace to cover the worst of my life.

Then came the morning sun marching triumphantly over the eastern ridge and bursting victoriously thru the evergreen limbs of the Ponderosa pines.  It’s warmth turning the frost into glistening dew.  It’s brilliance hanging sparkling droplets on every pine needle and every stalk and blade.  Even the barbed wire fence seemed to be sagging with the weight of tiny, glistening diamonds.

So the warmth and glory of God’s Amazing Grace, thru the gift of His Son, touches every extent of needy lives.

“Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound…”   Sing the rest of it with me.  I’m sure you know the tune.  I hope you know the words.  But most importantly, I pray you know the SON!

2 thoughts on “Frost and the Grace of God

  1. Thank you for the beautiful word picture you paint describing God’s grace. So true!

    I also agree with Ben Castagna’s comments. I Cor. 13:13

  2. Thank you for reminding us of His wonderful, never ending, always available and always needed (in my case) AMAZING GRACE! Truly it is like that blanket of frost ~ it covers us!!! Appreciate these very inspirational thoughts so much. Keep writing and posting ~ we need it!!!

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