Wish I’d Said This. . .

. . .but since I didn’t, I’ll quote my dear friend Ben Castagna:

Is doctrine important?  Yes, but it will only bind us to those of like mind and depending on the depth of our convictions, those may be very few!  Doctrine is important but it in itself only enlarges the brain but not the heart!

“It has been our experience in traveling around our country and meeting the Lord’s people in various places and under differing circumstances, that we have sensed a bond of fellowship with those who love His Word, His work and His people.  Even though we may not have matched up in our doctrine, we did match up in our love for the Lord.  The reason? The song writer had it right when he wrote that He binds our hearts in Christian love.” 

. . . and I’ll add a hearty AMEN!

One thought on “Wish I’d Said This. . .

  1. Hi again, and I agree totally that our hearts are bound in Christian Love. Amen, Amen. thanks Dun

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