Both Dun and Harriet committed their lives to serve our Lord at young ages.  They married in 1962 after Harriet’s graduation from Judson College and attended seminary until graduation in 1965..  Dun’s heart had been excited about reaching unevangelized people since his youth.  Harriet was burdened for youth ministry as they entered seminary together.  They served in pastorate of churches in Louisiana and Alabama during school.  In 1962 they resigned a growing and exciting church to go to the foreign mission field.  They joined New Tribes Mission, a nondenominational church-planting mission agency.

After completing the specialized training for tribal evangelism in Pennsylvania they were asked to stay on the home staff and help train and send others.  They taught in the Mission Institute there for 3 years.  In 1974 the Gordys went to Baker City, OR to help establish a training center for missionaries.  Dun then began traveling among churches, Christian schools and colleges throughout the Pacific Northwest and western Canada, recruiting laborers for the tribes and language groups who still had not heard of Jesus.

Harriet had an effective ministry among the missionary candidates while she stayed home and raised the 3 children.  Michael, Julieann and Kristie are now grown and married to good spouses. They have given Dun and Harriet 6 GRANDchildren.  Their foster son Tom and his wife have 3 children. Kristie and her family are missionaries in Papua New Guinea.

Their ministry expanded when they helped establish and lead the short-term missions program.  Dun traveled extensively to foreign countries where he had many opportunities to preach the good news as well as teach as visiting professor in Bible colleges and seminaries.  Harriet accompanied him on several trips and had effective ministry among missionary wives and other women’s groups.

Dun had the privilege of visiting tribal missionary work, some in the most primitive groups on earth.  He has traveled in 25 different countries and has had the privilege of preaching the Gospel on every continent – except Antarctica.

In 2001, Harriet suffered a near-fatal heart attack that left her with permanent kidney failure.  She had dialysis treatment 3 times per week and had a good ministry among the medical caregivers thru her extended treatments and declining health.  They were still able to travel together for the first 5 years of renal failure and dialysis.  The need to care for aging parents led them to relocate to Panama City Beach, FL.  Then, as Harriet’s health deteriorated, Dun curtailed traveling and was privileged to devote full time to caring for her.

Until the end of her life on this earth, Harriet continually challenged and encouraged Dun.  She often urged him, “After I’m gone, promise me you will get back on the road and preach the Word!”  Our Lord took Harriet from Dun’s arms into His very own on November 21, 2010.

Dun now declares, “I am on the road again!”


  1. Good reading. Am wondering just what year you relocated to P.C.?
    I remember you preaching at the CMA church in Marianna and Harold
    and I went to hear/see you but I can’t remember what year that was.

    • Must have been about 2005. I was just up visiting our folks when I preached at CMA. January, 1995. Yeah, I cheated and checked my records. I remember the time well, but not the date 🙂

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