Home Away From Home

Camping on the Circle Bar P Ranch

Sunrise with the SON on the Circle Bar P

Moonrise over the mountains at the Circle Bar P

Breakfast is ready. Come join me!

Our Lord has been so good to me!  I am enjoying my little camper, the beautiful Oregon outdoors, a chance to read, study and write, opportunity to preach in  my church, the McEwen Bible Fellowship,  and even a break now and then to play cowboy!

Who's the Marshall in these parts?

Look at those Mountains!

2 thoughts on “Home Away From Home

  1. Is McEwen near (or the same as) Sumpter?

    Would you like to come visit over here sometime? If you give a call – I can have you visit with my husband, Jason, and see if he could work you in to preach at our church in Warm Springs. November is wide open I think for preaching – but we’d want to line it all up sooner than later!

    Glad things are going well. Beautiful pictures!!

    God bless, Brenda

  2. Wow, that looks fantastic! I went to McEwen Bible when I was at Baker, and absolutely loved it. Glad the Lord is allowing this time of rest and preaching! :o)


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