On the Road in Oregon

I am so thankful for our Lord’s provision of this camper.  We were able to purchase it with the money from the sale of the van.  Son Michael and daughter-in-love Wendy found it in Eugene and brought it to their house where we’ve been getting it ready to move to Eastern Oregon.   I’ll be parking it on the Circle Bar P ranch, thanks to dear friends Larry and Peggy Pearson, and will be living in it this fall.

In 2 weeks I’ll be traveling up to Alberta Canada to speak in the annual Bible Camp of GOODSEED, Int. Please pray that I will be a blessing to those dear folks who will be gathering from ministries all over the world for a time of fellowship and refreshment.  It is such a privilege to be invited.

Plans are to be back in my camper in the Sumpter Valley by Labor Day.  I am Praying Specifically that our Lord will give me opportunities to preach in many churches in the Pacific Northwest in the following couple of months.

May you continually be rejoicing in the great privilege of serving the King of Kings!

Hope you’ve been able to follow Jessica and I thru our pictures posted on Facebook.  We have had a great trip, driving from the Gulf of Mexico to the Willamette Valley of Oregon and on Friday I’ll take Jessica to put her feet in the Pacific Ocean!

2 thoughts on “On the Road in Oregon

  1. Wow! What a nice deluxe camper! But . . . I didn’t know you were moving to Oregon. I have been lining up “preachings” and/or what God is doing in PNG meetings for you. But that’s ok. Two of them might just let me come ~
    not preach but show my PNG artifacts and speak about the Lord’s work. I am rejoicing in my corner of service. Yesterday afternoon I was blessed when after we had our Sing a long, Michael asked if he could close in prayer. He prayed and thanked God for many things then said, God thank you for this lady (he knows my name but apparently couldn’t think of it) coming to brighten our lives a little, Amen.

  2. If you come through on Highway 97 at all – stop by and see us (look for the signs saying “McPheeters Turf”). Also, our little church at Warm Springs would love to have you come preach sometime this fall or winter. Let me know if you’d like to – and I’ll hook you up with my hubby who’s in charge of pulpit supply (we are currently without a pastor). Blessings to you!!

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