Crossing the Continent

I’ve about decided to give up on posting pictures here.  Will just put them in my Facebook album.  Hope you’ll check them out there.

But here’s one that will give more evidence that we are still on the road and not making very much time since we stop to check out (and take pictures) of anything that interests us.  Even had to go back down the on ramp and up the off ramp to get this picture.  No problem out here where we were the only on/off traffic since the last tourist missed the turn 🙂

We’ve had such limited access to the internet that I’ve found Facebook is the best way to upload pictures.  I’m learning more about this new generation of teens.  For example, the average teenage girl can talk on Papa’s iPhone, text on her cell phone and still carry on a fairly decent conversation with the old man.

And another thing… Location, distance and civilization is determined by BARS… not the kind they sell booze in – the number of bars on her cell phone.  “I can’t believe anyone could live out here without bars, Papa!”  And the incredulity of her voice was bordering on panic.

Thank you for praying with us.  We have had the opportunity to share the Gospel with many along the way and fellowship with a delightful family from CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ) who were staying in the same motel with us.  Pray that we will see and seize every opportunity to share our Lord with folks along the way.

One thought on “Crossing the Continent

  1. It is fun to “try” and keep up on you two on your trip! Thanks for the pictures.
    You sure pick some interesting things to post! I still have some to post but there
    just isn’t enough time. Got a busy day at work and it seems good to be back in
    the “groove”. What wonderful opportunities you are having. Still praying! My brother and I had great fellowship and discussions while on the road. Happy to hear some of my cousins testify and acknowlege their faith in Christ. Praying for others who haven’t yet.

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