A Rebel’s Love

Private Sam Watkins, 1st Tennessee Infantry, CSA, was a scared young man when the hoard of yankees, outnumbering the Confederates by almost 2 to 1 assaulted his position.  He rose up over the earthworks and fired into the wall of blue uniforms.  His musket ball passed all the way thru one soldier and into the man behind him, killing them both.

Before he could reload, an enraged yankee confronted him with raised rifle.  “Damn you, Reb.  You just killed my two brothers.  Now I’ve got you!”Before he could pull the trigger, a hand grabbed the gun and snatched it away.

Private William A. Hughes, Watkins’ fellow soldier and good friend lost his hand and had a badly mangled arm as a result of his action.  After the battle, Hughes was sent to the back to recover.  However, after painfully suffering many days, gangrene took his arm and then his life.Hughes was eventually awarded the Confederate Medal of Honor.  But the greatest honor that he could be given was that paid him by his grateful friend,  Private Watkins.  He testified of his friends love: “nobody ever loved me as much as my friend William.  He gave his life to save mine!”

Over 1,900 years before the battle on that Georgia mountain, Jesus Christ told His followers: “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13)And then, Jesus laid down His life for those friends.  AND FOR ME AND FOR YOU!

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  1. Great reading. But to be honest, it was even better hearing you tell it yesterday. I love history and it
    makes me appreciate our military even more to read things like this. It was great to be with you and your sister yesterday. Thank you so much.

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