Has God Lost His “remote control”?

Did you ever loose your remote control?  Dumb question.  Everyone has lost their remote at one time or another.  God even lost His.

Have you ever wondered at the enormous amount of radio signals that are passing thru the room you are sitting in?  Must be thousands of them.  We can’t see them or hear them -unless we have the proper receiver and it is tuned to the right frequency. (Here’s a good place to preach a sermon on I Corinthians 2:14 -but I’ll let you cogitate on that.)

I have several remote controls in my house.  There’s a gadget to turn on and off the TV and another for the cable box.  I have a gizmo to control the outside lights and another for the window air conditioner.  It is puzzling to this NON-teck redneck how the things even work in the first place, much less keep strait which one is supposed to do what.  Push a button in one room and the door locks on my pickup truck out in the driveway respons. Now, if man can figure out how to do that, what hinders our Sovereign God from having one installed in every fetus.

And that got me to wishing that our Lord would just put me on remote control?  Push one button and I’d pray.  Push another and I’d witness.  Or a “mute” button would be great.  It might keep me out of a lot of problems I get myself into.  Or with a “change channel” button, HE could keep my mind clean and my thoughts on Him.  He could even have one that would override my temptations to sin.  If He wanted to.  Or at least a shock collar like those used to train dogs.  Just a little jolt to warn me when I’m about to mess up.

If I were Him, I’d make sure that everyone had a “tithe” button.

Might be nice if I were a strict predestination advocate.  It sure would save me and God a lot of work if I did not have to worry about walking by faith and making tough decisions.  Or trying to obey any of those “take heed” warnings that are sprinkled through the Bible.  I wouldn’t even have to “seek those things which are above”; wouldn’t have to “forsake” or “put on” or… well, I better quit before I get some of my holy robot brethren upset.

I just have to admit that if God has a remote control for my Christian walk, He’s either lost it or chooses not to use it.  But bless His name! He neither made me a robotic responder nor did He leave me without comfort or help.  He has come Himself to dwell within my very body in the Person of His Holy Spirit.

And if you think remote controls are amazing, just imagine that when “thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it…” (Isaiah 30:21) it is the voice, it is the very personal whisper of the Almighty, the God of the universe.   And He will direct me and guide me, empower me and even control me to obey Him and do His will   –  if I will just let Him!

One thought on “Has God Lost His “remote control”?

  1. This is so good! Never thought about it like this but it would “sorta” be nice if we could be controlled by a remote control. Easier, I guess but we are so privileged to have Him in the form of His Holy Spirit. After the great message I heard last night at Maranatha Baptist from Acts, I have to acknowledge once again that I must be filled with His spirit and walk in His spirit more. My struggles are because I move, not Him! Thank you for this very inspiring blog. I hope a lot of people will read it. Its too good not to be read.

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