From the “Land of the Unexpected”

The Japanese and the US Air Forces got to Papua New Guinea before the Gospel! Here is a relic of their visit. The air strip and military base was built by the Japanese, bombed by the US and then occupied by the Australian Army. The only good that came of that was the airstrip they left and now can be used by missionary aviation to deliver messengers to the Akolet people of these beautiful little islands. This is on the south coast of New Britain Island.

I’m having a great time here in Papua New Guinea. The government advertises itself as the “Land of the Unexpected” and the Bird of Paradise, their national symbol, tells you something of what this South Pacific island nation is like. I never doubted that our Lord would give me this privilege again, and besides, Harriet told me “after I’m gone, you get back to PNG!” It has been a refreshing and encouraging time. I look forward to teaching again today to the college age class of short termers and then to the missionaries at the school/headquarters base on the Lord’s Day. It has been so good to renew fellowship with old friends, missionaries and nationals.  Saying goodbye to Adam and Julie, a couple of the missionaries to the Akolet.


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  1. Just reading this, thinking what a wonderful person your dear wife was to tell you to go back to PNG! With all that you are experiencing with the new Christians and the New Testaments nearing completion in the local languages, it just couldn’t get any better, I know. And such a treat to be with your kids and GRAND kids too. They will never
    forget these special times. It is wonderful that you were able to take Jenn and Jacob to Numonhi to introduce them to the school and some of the folks they will be with when they go next school season. The picture of the plane reminded me of something I did when we toured areas where there were war planes and ships. I broke off pieces and had them put in acrylic. Gave them as paper weights to my supporters. I did keep one of each as I am very sentimental (and selfish) and wanted one for my collection. Praying for your teaching and preaching, and you as you wind things up and head home soon. It is mighty hot here! Sure you don’t want to stay in the South Pacific???

  2. Hi Dunn: It looks like this trip has made a different person again out of you and much younger as well. Keep up the good work and return safely to the family, Knowing that the good Lord will take care of you, as always, Ele & Duane Hall

  3. In the picture of you with Adam and Julie – Was Adam an intern at Interface in 1994? He looks familiar.

    So glad you have this time! Blessings to you and those you are teaching.

    Give Beth DeVine a hug for me!

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