No Greater Privilege. . .

I am so grateful for the privilege of flying out to a tribal location this week with GRANDson Jacob. The missionaries there are encouraged at progress they are making in the language and had called the field consultant to come in and check them out. His evaluation is that they ARE doing well and can proceed at this pace with the preparations for re-teaching. Laurens and Marie have just returned from furlough and gotten back into the language. Simon and Annika joined this work last year and are making good progress. Simon should be fluent enough to join the teaching by the end of this year.

Simon is from Ireland and met Annika in Bible college. She is the daughter of missionaries I stayed with here 12 years ago. Her father is from the Faroe Islands and she grew up speaking Faroese, English and a tribal language. Laurens and Marie are from South Africa and their first language is Afrikaans. God has molded these dear folks into a great team great team!

Wrights have finished a good term of service and left this week for furlough. They have been teaching the believers. Two single ladies who are their co-workers are on furlough as well. They will return in July.


I sat in amazement at the processes that missionaries have to go thru to translate the Word of God into a tribal language that was never been reduced to writing until missionaries came among them. The thrilling testimonies of changed lives has been an awesome reward to the years of sweat and tears, hard work and difficult situations that it has taken to get to this point.


Jacob loves people and had made some friends when he visited in here with his parents. It was such a blessing to see him interacting with the Mengen people who really seemed to enjoy him as much as he did them!

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  1. This is SO exciting! Bless those faithful missionaries who are learning the language and doing the translation as well as presenting the gospel. I promised to pray for you but now realize the I MUST include them as well. Thank you for sharing as you travel and experience each new day – I can’t wait till the next post!

  2. Dearest Dun
    What a privilege you are receiving to be with your family, sharing the Word, and transforming lives!
    Its a privilege to call you my friend. I’m not sure if its “correct” to say that I am proud of a man twice my age and ten times wiser than me…but I AM! 🙂
    We all miss you and look forward to hearing your stories!

  3. Hi Dun: good to see you in the red shorts, hope that you are enjoying your stay. Take care and have a safe trip back home, as always, Ele & Duane Hall

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