I felt a lot like I was fighting a two fisted monster lately.  Getting ready to make a trip that will take me away from home for almost 2 months presented a couple of challenges:

> getting my house and affairs in order.  God has been so good to send a great young lady to live in the house where Harriet’s parents lived.  Rye has been a great blessing to our church family since she moved to ‘the beach’ from central Florida after finishing college.  She helps with our sound system and the audio visuals and has always been ready to help out anywhere she could.  Now, she is ministering to me in a very needy area by watching the house.  The elders of our church have promised to be available to help her if she needed it.  Rye has become like an “adopted granddaughter” to me… and you know how I love my GRANDkids! 

> what to pack, load and haul with me.  You’d think that after 40 years, I’d have this pretty well figured out.  But I’ve already had to call Rye and ask her to mail me some things I forgot to bring.   Fortunately, I’ll be here in Oregon with Michael, Wendy and Nathaniel for a few days before flying to Papua New Guinea.  I’ve also found things in my baggage that I should have left at home.

Facebook – – – Email- – – Website – – – I can barely keep up with any one of them.  As you can see, I’ve neglected this website in order to try to keep up with the other.  Being on the road –with a lot of that road in Papua New Guinea- is going to present a challenge in this coming month.  I should have internet connection out there but it will be slow and limited.  I should be able to keep up with my email and hopefully my Facebook, so I hope you’ll check them out.

Here’s my travel plans:

May 13-15 – fly from Oregon thru Australia and on to Port Moresby.

May 16 – fly Port Moresby to Hoskings, West New Britain.  Speak in the field conference for New Tribes Missionaries in the Islands Region and visiting with family.

June 11 – fly from Hoskins to Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province, PNG.  Speak in the short-term college level missions course INTERFACE where Harriet and I spent several summers ministering. 

June 21 fly from Papua New Guinea to Brisbane, Australia.

June 22/23 fly from Brisbane to Portland, OR

June 24 fly Portland to Panama City Beach


  1. Just have a safe trip and return to your family.God Bless, Ele & Duane

  2. Dearest Dun,
    It is June6 and I see you are on the road. I will
    ask God to guide you safely. You are a blessing to
    all, especially those who need to hear your message.
    I will keep up with you on the web. Lonnie and I
    hope to see you again in Jan. at the new gym. Love
    and prayers to you. BARB

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