What are you looking at?

Every time my Grandmother went to town, she found money.  Usually it was pennies, nickels, dimes and sometimes a quarter or even a half dollar.  I don’t remember her finding paper money, but a penny would buy an 18 inch licorice whip or a big piece of bubble gum; a nickel would get you a big Hershey bar, a bottled Coke or a bottomless cup of coffee: and a quarter would buy a gallon of gas!

I asked her “how” she could always find coins.  She said they were just laying there waiting on someone to pick them up.  The reason it was her was not “how” but “why”.  Because of poor eyesight and thick heavy-rimmed glasses, she had to “watch where she was stepping”.

My Uncle Stanley probably never found a penny.  Not because he was 6’4” tall (but 10 feet tall in my young eyes).  It was because he practiced what he preached.  The last time I remember visiting him in the “D. S. Parkman Grocery and Feed” store, he passed more valuable advice on to me.  The only way I ever saw him dressed was with white shirt and tie and with his suit coat or his long butcher’s apron over it.  He came out from behind the meat case and his butcher’s block to illustrate what good advice he had just given me.  “Always look up, Dun.”

He came out of his “meat department” wiping his hands on that blood-stained apron and with sure and steady steps he walked down the grocery aisle.  “Look here” he said with his head held high and his gaze fixed strait ahead.  “Even walking down the street, do it with purpose and show people that we need to be looking UP!”  And then he added “and you keep looking up!”

Which advice should I heed?  I am convinced that both my forbearers gave me sound, Biblical admonition. 

Granny said “WATCH YOUR STEP!”  Psalm 119:9 says “Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? by taking heed thereto according to thy word.”  And that instruction is just as urgent for old as well as young.

Uncle Stanley said LOOK UP!”  Jesus instructed us in John 4:35 to “Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields…”  And those harvest fields are still in urgent need of more laborers.  Jesus then urged us that while we are busy about His work, we should “look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.”  If the events in the Middle East do not urge out attention to God’s future plans for our earth, we are too much like the Laodicea church and need to wake up!