Verdict is in…

The doctor sent me for “routine X-rays and blood work” in preparation for my annual physical.  Last week his nurse called and said there was an “abnormal chest x-ray” and he wanted me to go for a CT scan.  The nice folks who took such good care of my sweet Harriet did the same for me at the lab yesterday!  Laid me on the table that was too narrow for me, just like Harriet said, and then shot something in my vein.  Said it was “dye” but what I saw going in there looked more like water from the sink.  I thought dye had some color.

Anyway, they ran my fat body thru that machine and sent me on my way.  If I have to pay by the hour for that scan, it shouldn’t be more than 75 or 80 cents at minimum wage.  And if I charge them for the hour and 20 minutes I spent in their waiting room, they may owe me some money.  I’m not going to count on it!  Left there hoping the medical community can read x-rays better than they can tell time? :) 

Kathy called this morning and said the test showed the abnormality was a “benign calcification” in my lung.  She said there was nothing to be concerned about.  “We all seem to develop them when we get older”. 

So now I have a medical report which indicates that I may finally be growing up.  And so far it is the only evidence I have.  Or at least the only one I am willing to consider as possibly reliable. 

And now that Dr. Akin says I may go on living, the question is not IF but HOW.  And that is not “how long” but how well.  My earnest prayer is that these last days of my life here on the planet are the most fruitful for our deal Lord and His kingdom! 


One thought on “Verdict is in…

  1. Hi Dun: Read your comments and don’t feel bad, I have the same thing in my lungs also. So guess there are more than you that is growing up or older, however you want to put it. Best of luck in the future with your health.
    As for the marker at the cemetery, I know what you meant that it hit you, we had the same feeling when we first saw ours, but felt that the kids need not have to do it so we could get what we wanted. Lovingly, Ele & Duane

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