From Ecstasy to Agony in 40 Paces or less

I took Kristie to the airport today to end a blessed month with us.  But it was the beginning of her long journey back to her husband and children.  One ending and one beginning at the same time.  Beginning of exciting week for her husband and children and end of a blessed and fulfilling month for us. 

As I stood there and bawled like a baby, it dawned on me that I was less than 40 steps from the spot I met her when she arrived.  Bawling that time because I was so happy to see her and to share the grief of sending our wife and Mom on the heaven without us. 

I could not thank our Lord enough for allowing me the blessing of having such a wonderful son and two wonderful daughters to support and encourage me these days!  Family!  God’s idea.  One of God’s greatest gifts.  Psalm 68:6 tells us “God setteth the solitary in families…”