Politically correct?

I suspect I should have used a more acceptable word than “lie” in regards to my “retirement” from New Tribes Mission.  It was not really an “untruth” as far as NTM is concerned.  But it did not adequately describe my actual status.  I was an ordained minister of the Gospel with 12-13 years “active duty” as pastor of churches in 3 states.  My status with the IRS was “self employed minister” when Harriet and I joined NTM.  Becoming a member of the mission and then being retired with the mission really made no difference in the ministry to which our Lord called me nor my status with the IRS. 

And by the way.  I had to explain to my children that Richard Boone was the actor in a popular TV show before they were addicted to the tube.  He played a gunfighter whose business card read “Have Gun – Will Travel”.  And I do have a Bible and I will travel.  Just try me and see.  Paladin’s card simply said “wire Paladin San Francisco.” 

You don’t need to pay for a telegram.  Just email Dungordy@gmail.com 🙂