I’m still a bit aggravated with New Tribes Mission for kicking me out… well, at least telling everyone a big lie about me.


Sounds like a dirty word on my lips and it does not look a bit better when I type it.

The outfit Harriet and I signed on with didn’t even have “retired” in their vocabulary. Those old-timers let me know right up front that there was no such thing as “retirement”. They were same old folks who used terms like “boot camp”. Most folks thought it was just because that was popular terminology in use in those days of World War II. But the founders who were still around to train Harriet and me gave us to understand that, like the men drafted into Uncle Sam’s military, we were in “for the duration of the war”. And “boot camp” was a place where soldiers were trained for only one thing – warfare!

We were reminded that we are in a war! It is a war for the souls of men and women held hostage by the Enemy of God and man. Many, including the Gordy’s wondered how they expected to train jungle missionaries in snow-covered Pennsylvania. I guess I must have been overheard because one of our teachers explained very emphatically that location or terrain or climate has very little to do with fighting this war. It is a spiritual warfare and their job was to teach and train us in the effective use of the “weapons of our warfare” (2 Corinthians 2:4). And those weapons are the only ones that will be effective ANYWHERE and ANYTIME.

I have not heard so much as a whisper, much less read a headline nor heard a news broadcast declaring that this war is over!


You can only retire if you have a career. I do not now, nor ever have had a career. I have a CALLING! You can retire if you have a profession. I have a PASSION, not a profession! You can retire if you have a contract. But if you have a commission –as in the “Great Commission”- retirement is not an option.

Oh, I know. Mission boards have to change with the times, they say. The “government requires us” to do some things so they moved my name over into the “retired” category.

Well, I am NOT retired from my commission and I’ve NOT lost my passion and my vision has NOT dimmed and my calling still rings loud and clear in my heart as well as my ears. You are welcome to call me anything you want, as long as you pray that I will be faithful and effective in the thing our Lord has called me to do.  PREACH the WORD! 

And with apologies to Richard Boone and Mr. Paladin, I HAVE BIBLE – WILL TRAVEL!


5 thoughts on “RETIRED?

  1. Hi Dunn: Just good to hear you talking like you used to here at Ridgecrest. Yes, Duane and I have retired but we know that you will never do such a thing, just too much to tell the world and it sure needs lots of your talk along with the rest of the Good Shepherds in the flock. Take care of yourself. Ele & Duane

  2. Amen, Dun, my thoughts exactly, I am a member of this same mission and I do believe we are getting soft. people beginning to relay on method and technology rather than The Holy Spirit and the Power of God’s word. I think maybe you need to become chairman, so the fire keeps burning. Now there have been some real good changes in the mission, the grace approach, but lets not confuse grace with license, grace is God’s power to live righteously thus glorifying His name. Dun Keep the fire burning, and I’ll be praying for you. Dun if you can’t light someones fire their wood is all wet!!

  3. Our precious friend, Dun. Just this evening I read your email—then clicked on to your WWW.
    How shocked I was and HOW sad we are that we haven’t been checking your blog—and obviously not praying these last couple months. So now I’ve caught up from where I left off last October. Your darling Harriet certainly went through SO much in the past few years—and so have you! So now, a grand coronation has been hers—and for you, God’s extra special grace and loving arms have enfolded you.
    We send our love and deepest sympathy as you adjust. We thank you for your deep devotion to Jesus and for the gift He has given you in communicating that to those around you—and we appreciate getting in on those creatively crafted words and thoughts.
    Praying for you, Sara and Marvin

  4. Amen, brother, amen!!! I have printed your post and I’m going to read it at a few gatherings of the Lord’s people. Our prayers are with you as you get ‘back in the saddle again’!

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